Real Estate

Our firm’s real estate department has amassed a wealth of experience following various projects and consulting to entrepreneurs, companies, and private clients on their real estate investments in Israel and abroad. 
While providing ongoing services to clients, the firm provides legal support for most of the proceedings tied to planning and building projects, from conducting negotiations with third parties, such as landowners, contractors, governmental agencies, planning agencies and buyers, to signing and enacting agreements, guiding clients through the process of planning, building, and marketing projects (for the purposes of both sale and rental), and receiving the necessary permits for completing and registering projects. 
Our staff has a great deal of experience providing legal support for complex real estate contracts, including combination deals, urban renewal, sale, purchasing, and rental. It provides our clients with legal support for conducting real estate transactions abroad, helping clients find local legal consultants in the country where the deal was reached, and guiding and supervising their work. 
Like our other departments, our real estate department enjoys the close support of the firm’s other departments, especially our litigation department, which, in times of need, provides the real estate department with the professional support it needs to complete its activities. 

Conflict Resolution, Arbitration and Mediation

Over the years, our firm has amassed considerable experience handling alternative legal proceedings designed to settle conflicts, including mediations and arbitrations of involved and complex cases. 
Our staff has considerable experience handling complex situations and managing conflicts, and insists on taking the sensitivities of both sides into account, finding common ground, and developing creative solutions to bring both sides to a point at which their wishes converge, so that they can coexist peacefully and over the long term. This is done, though, while keeping the best interests of our clients in mind and representing them in the best possible way. 
Mr. Haim Ben Yakov serves as a licensed mediator. He received his licensing from the Israeli Bar Association’s Mediation Center. 

Intellectual Property

Our firm has been representing some of the largest Israeli companies over many years. Our list of clients includes advertising agencies, the publishers of national and local newspapers, and websites operating in Israel and abroad. Our firm also represent private individuals, including actors, artists, athletes, and more. We defend their rights by both representing them at the institutions relevant to their legal struggle, and through legal proceedings designed to guarantee their IP rights.  

Public and Administrative Law


Our firm is highly experienced with representing companies, private individuals, local and regional councils, municipalities and water corporations in a variety of areas in administrative law. This is done through ongoing legal counseling in areas such as planning and construction, objections and appeals regarding property tax and other fees, receiving and liquidation, asset liquidation, administrative appeals, tenders, debt collection, support policies, and more.

These cases are handled with an emphasis on acknowledging public sensitivities, which are of cardinal concern when working with these types of clients. Our professional and determined staff allows our clients to achieve their goals, without harming the delicate relationship between the public agency and its civilian constituents.  

Civil-Commercial Law

Companies and corporations

Thanks to the wealth of experience amassed by the attorneys at our firm over the years, in handling all aspects of tenders, our firm can deliver professional and efficient service to our clients, for preparing tender offers, in accordance with the required criteria, while bringing out the client’s unique competitive advantage.

Our attorneys are highly experienced in handling litigation procedures for tenders, including challenging tenders and defending our clients’ rights in terms of how a tender is publicized and conducted, and how decisions are made.

Our firm has extensive experience representing both the winners of tenders and those who wish to challenge the decision to award the tender.   

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