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Thanks to our broad range of specialties, our clients come from various sectors in the economy and from all parts of the country. Our private clients are companies that rank among the country’s market leaders in their field, as well as businesspeople from Israel and abroad. 
Our firm also represents clients in the public sector, including a long list of local councils and several of the largest water corporations in the country. 
In the area of debt collection, our clients include telecommunications firms, credit companies, insurance firms and banks. 
All of our clients benefit from professional and reliable service at our firm, from the time their casework begins until the case is concluded. 

Model for handling legal cases

Guiding considerations: risk/opportunity, price, cost, and time 

A practical legal analysis of the risks inherent in the case and the prospects for success

An analysis of side effects, from the client’s standpoint

Choosing an appropriate course of action, based on profitability

The relative weight of the factor of time among other considerations

An analysis of the status of the case and a recommended strategy are given to the client for review and feedback, after which a course of action is chosen. 
We constantly assess the strategy that was selected for handling a case, in light of updates to the case by the relevant partner, to ascertain that our work is producing the desired results. 


Our guiding principles:

  • Professionalism.

  • Transparency.

  • Defined strategy.

  • Representing our clients correctly. 

  • Remaining at the forefront of technology.

  • Full involvement of our clients. 

About Us

In the complex and changing world we live in, there is no substitute for uncompromising professionalism. We must also understand the needs of our clients from a business perspective, know the legal system inside and out, stay creative, and create complex and sophisticated solutions for our clients.


Thanks to the wealth of experience amassed by the attorneys at our firm over the years, in handling all aspects of tenders, our firm can deliver professional and efficient service to our clients, for preparing tender offers, in accordance with the required criteria, while bringing out the client’s unique competitive advantage.
Our attorneys are highly experienced in handling litigation procedures for tenders, including challenging tenders and defending our clients’ rights in terms of how a tender is publicized and conducted, and how decisions are made.
Our firm has extensive experience representing both the winners of tenders and those who wish to challenge the decision to award the tender.  

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