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Debt Collection and Executions

Our debt collection department is made up of collection clerks that specialize in the necessary legal actions taken to collect debts. 

The activities of the debt collection department are performed in tandem with legal support, and the department is used to recover heavy debts that bear down on various clients. 

A debt collection manager with years of experience in successfully running debt collection systems heads the department. 

Highly skilled collection clerks provide our clients with quick, efficient, and highly successful debt collection. Our clients enjoy professional and reliable service, and have very high debt recovery rates. 

Our debt collection clientele includes a long list of local councils, some of the largest water corporations in Israel, most of the large banks, and some of the largest businesses in the country. 

The department employs a computerized system with a direct connection to execution offices around the country. The system enables rapid, daily updates, and actions against debtors are executed quickly and efficiently. 

The uniqueness of our debt collection department:


  • An enforcement scale with an integrated client and debtor profile- this allows us to choose enforcement methods based on who the debtor is and how much is owed

  • A professional oversight system- for effective assessment and analysis of the actions that were taken

  • A timetable- to make sure we meet deadlines for each stage. 

  • Transactions and settling customer debts- using a separate, dedicated account management system

  • Supplier management through a goal system

  • Incentives for employees according to goals met

  • A proactive approach

  • Improving processes and finding unique debt collection methods

  • Customer retention and "bringing the customers home”

  • A service-oriented approach (assertive, but not aggressive) 

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