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In 2005, Mr. Haim Ben Yakov, Mr. Amit Shvimer, and Mr. Meni Dolev set up the Law Offices of Ben Yakov, Shvimer, and Dolev. After amassing years of experience in business and in a range of legal areas, the three attorneys came together to form a law firm with a corporate character, that can give its clients the legal services that are relevant for them, coupled with a holistic business view. Ben Yakov, Shvimer and Dolev had specialized in the field of civil-commercial law and debt collection. Moshe Keret set up the Law Offices of Elhanan Keret in the early 1960s. Keret’s firm has been active for over forty years, during which it amassed a great deal of experience and expertise in many different areas of civil law, especially banking and receivership. In 2008, the Law Offices of Elhanan Keret merged with the Law Offices of Ben Yakov, Shvimer, and Dolev, out of a desire to join forces and provide the clients of both firms with a better and more efficient legal support network to satisfy their range of needs. Our firm’s expertise in these areas led to successful representation for our many clients.


The firm’s long years of experience have taught us that you must respond quickly by creating an efficient legal and logistical solution, in order to handle many of the problems our clients face. Our expertise and professionalism have led to many legal victories, allowing our clients to realize their rights, while remaining financially efficient and staying profitable over the long run. The firm’s clients are located throughout the country. Our Israeli clientele includes leading Israeli companies, most of the large banking institutions, and a long list of local councils and water corporations from around the country.

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