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Our firm represents leasing companies, as well as most Israeli mortgage banks. 

The firm has extensive experience in receivership. We act as receivers for many different properties distributed throughout the country. Our firm is also experienced in real estate receiverships and vehicle repossession and recovery. 

The legal experience we have amassed helps us act swiftly and efficiently to execute deeds of pledge and mortgage deeds, and to liquidate assets. 

In addition to legal representation, our firm also provides real estate appraisal services, assessments, private investigators, and services through companies that specialize in evacuating and taking hold of assets, if needed. 

The combination of professional specialization with extensive legal experience and an ability to manage and settle complex legal and logistical issues has positioned our office far above our competition in the areas of mortgages and receivership. It has also given our many clients higher debt recovery rates than most other debt collectors have, and these clients continue to benefit from the experience and successes that our firm has amassed in this area.  

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