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In the complex and changing world we live in, there is no substitute for uncompromising professionalism. We must also understand the needs of our clients from a business perspective, know the legal system inside and out, stay creative, and create complex and sophisticated solutions for our clients.


At our firm, our clients have a dedicated, experienced and professional team at their disposal- one that can supply the variety of services to suit their needs promptly and comprehensively. Our firm’s biggest asset is our human resources. Our team has extensive legal experience, coupled with significant business experience acquired over many years. This experience comes into play every day, as attested to by the sheer volume of services our firm provides to our clients. Over the years, our team has amassed a wealth of experience dealing with complex civil-commercial and debt collection cases.

Today, our clients enjoy a high standard of legal services, delivered by a professional, trustworthy and highly skilled team of attorneys. Sixteen attorneys work at our firm, of which four are partners. The team enlists the services of top specialists in every field, to best meet the needs of our clients. Our clientele list goes beyond Israeli businesses. It encompasses companies and businesses from around the world that are engaged in a wide range of activities. Our firm also represents Israel’s largest banking institutions and a long list of Israeli local councils and water corporations. Our diversified clientele and the substantial contacts that our firm has amassed over the years are a resource used for advancing the interests of our clients. Our firm champions uncompromising service for our clients, professionalism, responsibility, full transparency and complete reliability, while protecting the vital interests of our clients.

Our main activities can be categorised as follows:

Civil-commercial law Litigation Contract law Tenders Real estate law Companies and corporations Administrative and public law Copyright law Labor law Banking Receivership Debt collection and execution Conflict management, arbitration and mediation.

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