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Litigation and Conflict Resolution

Our firm’s staff is very experienced with handling corporate and civil litigation cases that span a range of subjects. Our litigation department represents a long list of clients that includes many of the largest government agencies and commercial organizations in the country, including local councils, water corporations, banks, insurance firms, telecommunications companies, credit companies, media companies (press/radio/internet), advertising agencies, and a long list of businesspeople working in various fields, in Israel and abroad.


The services that our firm offers our clients span all areas of civil and commercial law, including contractual conflicts, corporate power struggles, slander, intellectual property, copyrights, real estate conflicts, administrative appeals, tenders, and many other areas of civil and commercial law. The firm handles many international cases as well, where one of the litigants in the case is a foreign organization pursuing legal action in Israel, or an Israeli agency pursuing legal action abroad.


Our firm has excellent working relationships with overseas firms, in various countries, and, when necessary, our firm’s litigation department can assist with locating local legal services abroad, and accompanying our clients during their proceedings abroad.


Three principles direct this department’s unique way of handling litigation:


  1. Uncompromising professionalism when researching the relevant legal issues.

  2. Determining goals along with our client, and building strategy to achieve those goals.

  3. Full transparency and close cooperation with our clients while their case is being handled.


This work method leads to a high level of professionalism that includes coordinating expectations with clients to the greatest possible extent. This is what lays at the foundation of our firm’s long record of success. Each legal case is supported and handled by a legal team that was assembled and assigned ahead of time. This team is responsible for handling the case professionally and efficiently. Its work includes monitoring progress and providing regular updates.


Years of litigation and legal battles have led to a process in which the firm handles its cases with the goal of creating a clear and unconditional legal advantage, while firmly retaining any existing assets or securities, to allow us to achieve our goals in the quickest and best way. Whenever possible, the firm drafts agreements that can prevent clients from entering into lengthy and costly legal proceedings.


The department’s legal department cooperates closely with the other departments in the firm, supporting them with relevant legal action, whenever needed.


Over the years, our firm has amassed considerable experience handling alternative legal proceedings designed to solve conflicts, including mediations and arbitrations of involved and complex cases.


Our staff has considerable experience handling complex situations and managing conflicts, and insist on taking the sensitivities of both sides into account, finding common ground, and developing creative solutions to bring both sides to a point at which their wishes converge, so that they can coexist peacefully and over the long term. This is done, though, while keeping the best interests of our clients in mind and representing them in the best possible way.

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